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About Guibi-no-mori

Kocomo Natural Garden is the name of the business that we set up to sell the food we produce at Guibi no mori, our family-run farm where we have been producing delicious fresh products since 2010. 

Over the last dozen years we've been nurturing a semi abandoned valley in the north of Okayama prefecture, restoring the soil, welcoming back the wildlife and returning it to abundantly productive farmland. Influenced by Permaculture, Shizen-no (Japanese Natural Farming) and regenerative agricultural techniques and theory. Our gardens, fields and foodforest are no-till, pesticide, herbicide and  synthetic fertilizer free, Guided by permaculture ethics, we strive to be non exploitative and ethically sound. And of course, you can taste all that in the produce we sell. 


Kocomo Natural Gardenは、2010年に新居を「Guibi Forest Garden」と名付け、岡山県勝田郡勝央町でパーマカルチャーの考え方に基づいた小規模多品目野菜農園として農業をスタートさせたのが始まりです。






Yurt in winter
Our Team.

 Here are the regulars. Kazumi is from Hokkaido and deals mainly with orders and marketing. Crip from the UK looks after the farm while Lyn, an Okayama native, oversees and keeps unwanted critters at bay.



...and everyone else who's come and helped out

グイビの森 Helpers
グイビの森 Helpers
グイビの森 Helpers
グイビの森 Helpers
グイビの森 Helpers
グイビの森 Helpers
グイビの森 Helpers
グイビの森 Helpers
グイビの森 Helpers
グイビの森 Helpers
グイビの森 Helpers
Why we do what we do.

We moved out of the city and on to the land that has become our farm in 2010.

Tired of concrete and pollution, our goal was to create a little piece of paradise.

We believe that humanity is an integral part of nature and has as much right to be here as the trees, the bugs and the sky.

While many people say that “humanity” is responsible for the degradation and destruction of nature, that it has brought about the climate crisis we face, that the world would be better off without us, we disagree.

We believe that it is a lack of humanity that is to blame.

Globally speaking, it is a very small percentage of the people on the planet that bear the bulk of the responsibility for the problems that we know so well.

Eight in ten people in the world live on $10/day or less. It is not these people that are responsible for the deprivation of nature. So, it’s more about how you live than that you live. Blaming ‘Humanity’ for the multiple existential crises we face seems disingenuous at best.


There’s a similar misapportioning of blame regarding agriculture.  Globally, agriculture is responsible for about 30% of primary energy consumption and 34% of Greenhouse Gas emissions.

However, five of every six farms in the world consist of less than two hectares, operate only around 12 percent of all agricultural land, and produce roughly 35 percent of the world's food while accounting for less than 20% of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.

So, again, it’s more about how you farm than that you farm.


Our farm, Guibi-no-mori, produces nutrient rich, flavourful, healthy and abundant food without any chemical or fossil fuel based inputs whatsoever. We grow and tend our crops largely by hand with minimal mechanisation, our vegetable and fruit production is completely no-till and, by growing a mind-boggling diversity of crops, we keep the soil disease free and abundantly fertile.


You could be forgiven for thinking that growing and selling food is the reason we run our farm. However, in truth, food production is a consequence not the objective of our land stewardship.


As I said at the beginning, we aim to produce a little piece of paradise here. A place to inspire. A place to spend time. A place to fall in love with. A place that encourages the return of humanity.

If you've got the stomach for it, Crip's "Long Read" is here.










農業に関しても、同じような責任の転嫁の仕方があります。 世界的に見ると、農業は一次エネルギー消費の約30%、温室効果ガス排出の34%を担っています。











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